Red Rooster Coffee Roaster -Floyd, VA – 12 Top Best Coffee Roasters by Forbes

Holiday Gift Guide 2018: The 12 Best Coffee Roasters In The U.S.

Red Rooster Coffee Roaster -Floyd, VA picked as one of 12 top Best Coffee Roasters by Forbes!!

As beverages go, there’s nothing hotter than specialty coffee at the moment. Third-wave roasters (or are we already seeing the surge of the fourth wave?) have elevated the game for all of us who appreciate a great morning cup. These 12 specialty roasters across the U.S.—from major metropolitan cities to tiny hamlets to college towns—offer the best coffee you can buy in the U.S., hands down. They all source green beans with curiosity and passion (and the three roasters from Hawai’i are also farmers, themselves), traveling the globe to seek variety, experimentation, and sometimes rarity. And they are all committed to practices of economic sustainability by offering farmers fair prices for their coffee, which is produced through tireless work that’s difficult on the body. Then, they roast it with care, developing a roast profile that honors the inherent qualities of each coffee. Lastly, they even teach you the basics of how to brew it at home.

“Red Rooster Coffee

Red Rooster is in a most improbable spot for a world-class coffee roaster: Floyd, Virginia, population 438. Now eight-years-old and with a brand new roastery and cafe down the street from their original space, Red Rooster not only sources and roasts with thoughtfulness and precision, they also take the time to commission original art for their bags.

CONGRATS, Red Rooster!!
you can visit Red Rooster Coffee Roaster and Cafe in Floyd at 823 East Main St., Floyd VA 24091