Holidays on Main Street

Holidays on Main Street

November 15-December 31

Town of Floyd is participating!

Promoting Virginia small town businesses & non-profits!

Visitors/residents visit town businesses, check-in on an App with a click, after 20 visits to local shops, they are eligible for a $500 gift basket –   AND their non-profit of choice is eligible for $5,000!   (no purchases required to enter)

“Holidays On Main Street” is a program that the Virginia Main Street Program is partnering with HuTerra, a fundraising company that will help promote our small Town businesses.  Holidays on Main Street will run from November 15th to December 31st, and expectantly increase our Main Street customer traffic.

The program requires supporters(visitors/residents) to download an app and check-in at stores listed on the HuTerra app.  Supporters can win gift baskets (funded through the program) from each participating Main Street throughout the Commonwealth once they have completed their virtual punch card.

The HuTerra app also allow for each supporter to choose a favorite non-profit to support.  When downloading the app, there is an opportunity to add a fundraiser to your profile,  this fundraiser allows you to choose a 501-3c non-profit to help potentially raise funds for that organization.


How does it work?

  1. Your supporters/customers download the My HuTerra app (available in Apple or Android) and pick a favorite nonprofit via the Fundraiser option. (All 501c3’s are listed- including Floyd’s)
  2. They shop or visit the small businesses listed on the App and “check in” via the App from November 15th-December 31st. No purchase required.
  3. During the check in process at a business, their virtual playing card (or “punch card”) on the App will be filled/punched.
  4. Once their punch card is full (requires 20 punches), the supporter will automatically be entered to win the gift basket AND increase the potential for your nonprofit to win $5000!
  5. Individuals are allowed to get up to 100 punches, which is effectively 5 (five) full punch cards.


Rules:  One punch is earned each time you check into a business.  You must receive 20 punches to be eligible to win, no purchase necessary.  You must physically be in a business to check-in via your My HuTerra App.

You can also check-in by making a purchase and scanning your receipt via the Scan to Give button, you do not need to be in the business to scan your receipt, the proves you were there.  Must be a valid receipt. Only one check-in per day, per business counts as a punch. 

Non-profits –  10 non-profits will receive $5,000! The 5 non-profits that receive the most check-ins each win $5,000 and 5 nonprofits will be selected randomly.  To qualify to win the nonprofit must have at least 5 supporters fill out their cards with at least 20 punches.  TO qualify to win a gift basket you must get at least 20 punches.  Winners will be notified by the end of January.

For more information contact: or 540-239-8509