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Living Light Herbal Series-

May 21, 2016 : 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Session #2-  May 21st

The art of expectant waiting while working with plants

Explore practices that help us listen to His still small voice while we care for, harvest and formulate healing plants into helpful remedies. Come learn about planting, tending to and harvesting for health and abundance; with a wonderful array of native and non-native medicinal plants.  Get to know biblical plants like nettle, Lavender/nerd, willow trees, wild grape, milk thistle, mustard, aloe and garlic. Investigate simple nourishing techniques to build the soil, and the underground microbes who live there. Learn how to select and harvest plants from the wild; which is also called cultivating the wild or wild crafting. We will spend time in the herb gardens with plants at different stages of life and harvest for continued growth and prosperity. Learn first hand why letting land lay fallow is a gift for many generations to come.  See how this brings an ever more vibrant quality to the herbs and foods you harvest. Get a chance to deepen your well with Biblical and Spirit lead reflective tools you can utilize for staying centered in the Light as you work with these amazing medicinal plants.

If we better studied and understood God’s creation, this would do a great deal to caution and direct us in our use of it. For how could we find the impudence to abuse the world if we were seeing the great Creator stare us in the face through each and every part of it?

~ William Penn

This series offers participants a chance to experience an herbal education shared from the perspective of living in right relationship with the blessing of creation, and examining herbs and healing principles from the bible.

Here is your chance to join us on an adventure walking in the Light with holistic healing, the garden of the bible and medicinal plants.

Once a month for four hours from April – July we will gather to explore the Bounty that has been given us. Each day we will start at 9am with centering prayer, ending at 1pm with a nourishing meal aimed towards building a healing foundation within our bodies. You can go to our event page here for registration details


May 21, 2016
9:00 am - 1:00 pm
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