Fields Edge Farm

Our farm products show of our love for the land we steward, our passion for fresh food, and create a connection between our family and yours.

Tucked below the Black Ridge in Floyd County is the scenic valley that is home to Fields Edge Farm. The land has been farmed by the Slusher family since 1890, and before that there is evidence that even native people had an agricultural settlement here too. Today, Roger and Leslie Slusher are keeping the family farm alive by growing biological vegetables on five acres and raising grassfed beef in the pastures. The farm products are sold to local grocery stores, restaraunts, food hubs and individuals not unlike the generations that came before them to this land. They specialize in alliums like garlic, onions and leeks in addition to rare and heirloom varieties. 

This year the farm will offer a 'Fields Ed Workshop Series' where participants can have opportunities for hands on learning in farm and garden topics along with a farm fresh lunch. 

More information about the farm, produce, and grassfed beef can be found at

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