Bell Gallery and Garden

Award Winning Landscape Photography, Regional Arts and Crafts, Handcrafted Jewelry, Gifts and More. Quite Possibly the Nicest Little Shop. Downtown, Near the Light.

"Quite Possibly the Nicest Little Shop"
We are Bill and Joanne Bell, Floyd County artists and gallery owners. Our gallery features local and regional artists and craftspeople, and our own work: Bill's  award winning landscape photography, and Joanne's pressed flowers in beveled glass and her own unique handmade jewelry.
We have original pottery, hand blown glass, weaving, leather, wood, and more.

After 25 years on the road exhibiting their work at art shows,they opened their gallery in the spring of 2006. "Because we've done art shows for so long, we've become part of the local and regional artist community and it was natural for us to open a gallery", Bill said.

Bill uses large format film and state of the art digital equipment to produce his photography. He has printed all of his own images since 1989, and produces each of his pieces from start to finish in his studio. " My goal is to record a special moment of nature, light and time, and to bring it to life in my prints."

The backyard garden was conceived by Joanne and daughter Darcie, manager of the gallery. People love the garden, as do the neighborhood toads, chipmunks, birds and butterflies.
"Many of the flowers that I use in my artwork come from this garden", says Joanne. She uses pressed flowers, leaves, ferns, and grasses to create suncatchers, mirrors, cards, framed art, and jewelry. Her artists statement reads simply:"I come from a long line of hunter gatherers."

The Bell Gallery is natural, alive, and inviting. Please come for a visit!

Open 7 days a week from May through December
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