Mountain View Hops, LLC

Mountain View Hops is a small-scale hop yard & hops nursery that specializes in providing plants and other hop related products to the mid-Atlantic region.

Mountain View Hops, LLC. (MVH) was established in early 2018 for the primary purpose of providing quality propagated hop plants to local farmers and residents of the mid-Atlantic region. We can supply custom grown plants for 1/2 acre hop yards or less. Our small-scale approach allows us to not only focus on our nursery operations, but also on trialing new varieties for mid-Atlantic viability. We also work hard to collect field data and evaluate new farming practices that reduce cost, allow for maximum yields, and are more conducive for growing hops in this region of the country.  As an added benefit, our hop yard sits on the top of a hill overlooking a beautiful mountain range that includes the iconic Buffalo Mountain.  

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