Retreats, Workshops & Classes

 Winter is a perfect time for an inspiring retreat, workshop or class

Sampling of opportunities below.   For more information about below and FULL list of events, go to events calendar



Music workshops

The Handmade Music School  is dedicated to teaching old time, bluegrass and traditional music and dances from Floyd County, Virginia and throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains.

    • January 26:  Banjo and Fiddle Duets with Allison de Groot & Tatiana Hargreaves

    • February 6:    Flat Picking Guitar Workshop with Steve Lewis

    • February 17:   Fiddle Workshop with Shay Garriock

    • February 23:   Flatfoot Dance Workshop with Martha Spencer

    • March 14-17:   Floyd County Old Time Music Get-Together


Yoga, Exercise & Health

Yoga and exercise with numerous Floyd teachers at diverse locations are offered near every day of the week!
check out our events calendar for details.

Craft & Fine Art

The Floyd Center for the Arts has numerous craft and art classes not listed below or on our events page, find them on the art center’s website  
  • Updates regularly posted!